About us

We are a group of seekers, all from Oxfordshire, who meet regularly to discuss magic and Occultism in a homely setting. The cycle of the year plays an important role in our group meetings, and we try to keep things as honest and direct as we can. We reject the complicated grades of initiation that are so cherished by other occult organisations.

Instead of rushing into performing ritual magic, we start our ‘work’ closer to home, by honouring that part of nature in our own hearts, and overcoming limiting old beliefs and neuroses.

The ultimate goal is nothing less than becoming full human beings, with all the powers that entails. We strive to become who The Gods (or God) meant us to be.

We study the work of a genuine Master; a spiritual teacher with over 40 years of experience guiding students. We’re free to think and believe what we like, but we use his teachings as a backbone to our meetings, using them as a starting point for our discussions.