Who are the ‘Oxfordshire Pilgrims’?

Actually, we don’t refer to ourselves that way – it’s just a convenient name for the purposes of this website. We’re a small spiritual group, based in Oxfordshire. We meet regularly to discuss magic and occultism for personal growth and empowerment.

We use a particular kind of occultism as a framework for our meetings, but tend to see any spiritual framework simply as a tool. That is to say, it is not necessarily ‘true’ in and of itself; only insofar as it helps you to progress along the real sacred path, which is as old as the hills, and has no need for a name.

As those wise Zen chaps might say, a spiritual tradition is: A finger pointing at the moon, but not the moon itself.

Our goal is to become happier, to do more good, and eventually have a direct encounter with Truth. In the meantime, we affirm LIFE, and we try to do that with as few pre-conceived ideas as possible.

If you were hoping for something more like a manifesto, or the worship of some specific god/goddess, then I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place!

So, what is occultism?