Are you ‘religious’ then?

The word ‘religion’ comes from the Latin, meaning to rejoin. So in that sense, yes – we are religious because our aim is to rejoin the one with the All. We try to focus less on the false ego and act more altruistically, motivated by the desire to help others.

But our tradition is not dogmatic or self-abasing in the way that some religions are. It is legitimate to use magic to achieve any personal goal, so long as it isn’t at the expense of others. We are allowed to be happy. We were meant to be happy. But our personal happiness isn’t the ultimate goal of life, that’s all.

Does that make you uncomfortable? You might want to ask yourself why. Do you associate the word ‘religion’ with a particular religion? Does the conduct of existing religions show that the ultimate goal is flawed?

Can I come along to one of your meetings?