Can I come along to one of your meetings?

We always leave a candle in the window for those people who we were meant to pass by our way. We like to meet them in person first, to give both sides the opportunity to figure out if it’s ‘right’. We’re not in the market for an army of converts; we’re looking for the right people who will fit well with the group as it is.

We only ask that you be a genuine seeker after Truth, and that you affirm life (i.e. that you’re one of the good guys!). You also need to be able to commit to a weekly meeting, barring unforeseen circumstances. But you don’t have to be educated, or well-read, or any other such thing.

Maybe there was a reason you found us? If you are interested in taking this further, please contact us.

Can’t I just read more online, or take some sort of online course?